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Facilities & Venues

EventConnect powered facilities run effortlessly.

Many facilities manage and host events to increase revenue and connectivity to their venue. With our easy-to-use platform, facility operators can create and manage all of their tournaments in one place.

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Centralize Hotel and Accommodations income to create economic impact.

Even with limited staff and resources, combine EventSuite and HousingConnect to run profitable tournaments. Boost your business more by adding CityConnect for big cost-saving and efficiency opportunities.

We’re helping the next generation of sports complexes flourish.

EventConnect powers many leading sports facilities across North America as more dedicated tournament facilities are constructed.

Our unique business model can directly impact your pro forma and provide informed data that can increase revenue potential.

Our team would love the opportunity discuss your facility and sports complex project in detail.

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Customer Testimonials

“If your company runs any type of event, you must use EventConnect! It has made our event planning very simple and keeps everything extremely organized. I highly recommend them!”

Hayley B.

Director of Operations

“Very proficient and easy to use. Also very quick on updates and good at explaining changes. This software saved our company lots of time and money.”

Lucas Z.

Tournament Director

“We have been using Event Connect for nearly 4 years now, and are very happy. We have tried most of the other “all in one” software for sports/league management, and this one comes out on top for us. EventConnect tech support is very responsive to our questions and there to assist if we ever need guidance.”

Marc B.

Tournament Director

“Customer service has been great for us as an event and generally, for our customers. We have enjoyed working with the EC team!”

EventConnect Customer – Gina K.


“Overall positive experience all around. The levels of complexity is enough to have an event that is more in-depth AND one that isn’t super complex. But, I think the best part is the customer service. I know I am going to get a quick response every time.”

EventConnect Customer – Jessi S.


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