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Are you tired of jumping from platform to platform? 

Our platform provides every tool you need to run an excellent tournament all-in-one-place. Save countless hours and reduce costs incurred by managing multiple software platforms.


Browse all features below:

Registration made easy.

Customize and promote a seamless registration process that drives more engagement and increases revenue.

  • Team and Individual Registration
  • Referee Onboarding and Scheduling
  • Sport Type separation
  • Discount & Coupon Flexibility including early-bird
  • Multi-team and player checkout
  • Market and sell your own merchandise within our custom registration portal
  • Customize registration surveys and waivers for advanced data collection
  • Automated and custom email and text messaging features

Merchandising that is flexible.

Sell merchandise like clothing, parking passes and more to provide value to participants and generate additional revenue. Make it simple for participants to buy the merchandise while registering, or after they have registered from within EventConnect.

  • Encourage players to purchase ‘Add-Ons’ during the registration process
  • Accept credit card payments easily

Exclusive Housing & Accommodations Solutions.

Want the best online group rates and accommodations near your event in one seamless experience? EventConnect is the most advanced and flexible tournament management and housing software to fulfill this need.

  • Visibility into area events & opportunities
  • Monitor and manage contracted room blocks in real-time
  • Fully manage inventory or ‘set & forget’
  • Digital RFP & contract
  • Digital team room requests
  • View pick-up with insight into both blocked and reserved rooms
  • View registration pace
  • Rooming list built out in real-time
  • Automated Invoicing
  • View average event rates

Payment Processing at a discount.

EventCollect, our payment processing gateway, provides the most competitive rates on the market. Together, our partners can save while keeping their financial operations all in one place.

  • Processing fees of 2.7% + $1.50 per transaction
  • Collect payments and manage your finances with a straightforward interface
  • Easily manage your finances and see all your payments in one place

Rostering on the fly.

With all your registration and player details in one place, rostering teams is fast and easy, saving you countless hours.

  • Automated “quick links” are easily accessible, encouraging teams to self-build their rosters
  • Flexible options to build content forms or capture customized data for each player, team or club during registration. (ie. Waiver sign-offs, jersey numbers, etc.)
  • Integrated email and text messaging features to contact and notify teams or individual players

Ticketing & Easy Check-ins.

Collect data surrounding participation and attendance to enhance reporting and business intelligence.

  • Enable Ticket Sales per event for attendees Tickets integrated as Automated QR codes

Scheduling & Scoring redefined.

Our scheduling software is built to handle almost every nuanced option partners throw at us. Designed to be flexible around how you operate, our system offers everything you will need.

  • Pool play, Elimination rounds (Single, Double, Triple and Custom)
  • Templating for faster scheduling
  • Drag and drop calendar
  • Pool play seeding to elimination rounds for faster scheduling pre-event
  • Scorekeeper app for lightning-fast score entries
  • Auto scheduler for speed and conflict management
  • Multi-field schedules

Communicate quickly via email or SMS.

Keeping in touch with participants is essential for a successful event. EventConnect allows you to communicate with players and families through text (SMS) and email at no cost.

  • You can also post updates and announcements on your registration landing page or mobile app
  • EventConnect makes it easy to keep everyone informed and up-to-date on their attending event
  • EventConnect’s communication tools will save tournament directors and event organizers time and money while keeping participants in the loop

Club, League and Membership Management.

There’s no shortage of paperwork or tasks to complete when managing clubs, leagues and memberships. Thankfully, EventConnect makes this a breeze.

  • Our software combines registration, payment collection, rostering, and scheduling together in one place so you can concentrate on what matters most—growing your business and providing a fantastic experience for players
  • Contact information, team schedules, and registration statuses for each event participant are at your fingertips

Team Standings.

Every player wants to know how their team is performing. EventConnect provides a convenient dashboard to check team performance.

  • Rank teams and matchups for effective pool and bracket management
  • Track event progress with live updates or follow along on a mobile device
  • No more waiting until the end of an event to determine how a player or team performs!

Brand Your Own Mobile App.

Get your very own branded mobile app that includes all of EventConnect’s features. Get the power of EventConnect from an iOS and Android device, featuring your organization’s branding.

  • Create a streamlined experience for participants, giving them everything they need to get the most out of your event
  • Update teams and players with notifications, messaging and live scheduling and scoring data

Managing your officials, referees and umpires.

Allow for Officials to register, answer custom questions and select their availability effortlessly.

  • Event Owners can communicate updates to officials via email or text message at no charge
  • Easy to use the capability to schedule officials within the software, based on your created event schedule & official availability

Built-in marketing to maximize sponsor value.

Looking for new ways to announce unique and fun experiences at your tournament?

  • Build multiple landing pages on the registration and event page for added promotions, sponsorship, awareness or local coupons
  • Create meaningful and time-based promotions to the appropriate audience for maximum impact
  • EventConnect platform allows event organizers to quickly identify travelling and non-travelling participants and message promotions via email or text leading up to and during the event

Economic Impact in real-time.

Providing the economic impact of your event to CVBs is essential for creating successful future events and getting financial support. EventConnect makes it simple to see your events’ economic impact on the local area.

  • This data gives youth sports event owners more insight into what tournaments and events are profitable
  • Reporting economic impact also assists in establishing partnerships with local businesses or receiving grants and funding
  • EventConnect provides advanced analytics and reporting software that will give you insights into the economic impact of events from registrations to merchandise and venue

Reporting & Business Intelligence.

With everything in one place, quickly run powerful reports across all areas of your event and easily export any data at the click of a button.

  • Download reports and get insights into registration, economic impact, individual player performance, add-on sales, etc.
  • Do you know how well your tournament is performing? How much revenue is it generating? Which teams are participating and have paid? Data is achieved through efficient reporting and analytics

Enterprise Accounting Integration.

For some of our larger partners, deep financial management is a must-have. With EventConnect, you can integrate with your favourite accounting platforms, such as Sage or Quickbooks, with the click of a button.

  • All of your financial data will be synced with your accounting tools to make book-keeping less of a headache

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