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Partner Spotlight: AMP Events


AMP Events is part of the SFM Network (the industry’s largest and fastest-growing network of sports tourism facilities in the country), bringing signature soccer and futsal tournaments to premier venues across the Nation.

AMP Events is devoted to the game of soccer and futsal and serving their athletes. AMP has engineered its events and customer service to exceed all attending expectations – either playing or spectating.

Participating in an AMP Event, you will find the highest quality-of-play standards and experience the best venues the industry has to offer.


AMP Events’ mission is to improve the health and economic vitality of the communities they serve and increase access to sport for all. From their staff at the venues to their AMP Events team, you’ll find authentic team players passionate about sports. The values of excellence, service, accountability, and collaboration are more than just words, and they are guiding ideals infused in all AMP events.

Upcoming Events

AMP events will be operating futsal and soccer events throughout the United States, with events already scheduled in destinations including Tulsa Oklahoma, Rockford Illinois, and the SFM Highlands Sports Complex in Triadelphia, West Virginia.

Working With EventConnect

AMP Events was searching for a one-stop solution to manage their events and accommodations. Tired of using disconnected software, they found a perfect solution with EventConnect.

EventConnect provides registration, scheduling and scoring, and accommodations management, all on a unified platform for all AMP Events. Outside of the day-to-day features of EventConnect’s platform, AMP Events finds excellent value in the automated reporting. There are several key stakeholders involved in AMP’s events throughout the year, and a central reporting hub ensures everyone is making decisions based on the same, up-to-date information.

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