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EventConnect Appoints Matt Trinnear to VP to Propel Growth and Shape Onboarding.

EventConnect, a company based in London, Ontario, has recently appointed Matt Trinnear as its Vice President of Strategic Partnerships (VP). The appointment aims to propel growth and shape successful partnerships when they select EventConnect. Matt, an experienced marketing, sales and communication executive, is focused on driving overall revenue growth while creating memorable experiences for partners that require detailed training and onboarding. 

As the VP, Matt will lead an energetic team of Strategic Partnership Managers and onboarding Coordinators while interfacing across the operations team to maximize efficiencies. Matt’s leadership will extend to overseeing the needs of over 400 partners and every aspect of the system and software features and improvements. One of his key objectives will be to ensure best-in-class partnership success in revenue and CSAT while developing tech solutions that scale for new businesses.

“As a long-standing team member of the EventConect family, this is such a huge day for Matt and our partners, old and new, who have had the chance to interface with Matt and his team,” said Eric Vardon, President of EventConnect. “Since 2013, we have continually invested in our product and team to remove the traditional pain points surrounding group travel. We wouldn’t be the company we are today, nor would we be able to realize many of the internal goals if it weren’t for Matt’s passion for people, connecting all of our industry leaders and attention to detail when initially kicking off new relationships. Matt has a gift for making all new partners, starting with EventConnect, feel confident in their choice to move to our company”, Vardon added.

Since its establishment in 2013, EventConnect has made substantial investments in its product, and the team is committed to achieving internal goals. Matt’s hard work and dedication to Partner happiness and business success have been pivotal in the company’s progress and evolution.

Matt Trinnear’s appointment as VP of Strategic Partnerships at EventConnect is poised to propel the company’s growth and enhance its onboarding effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

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