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2021-2022 TPH Academy Impact Report

TPH Academy is excited to announce the arrival of its first annual Impact Report. This report shares TPH-wide highlights spanning an entire academic year for the first time in one place. EventConnect presents the 2021-22 TPH Academy Impact Report.

Kicking off the year by celebrating its 20th anniversary as a company, TPH not only took time to reflect, but also to look ahead to its next 20 years, recognizing the company’s foundation remains the same. CEO Alan Keeso said, “Our passion for leading, for being different, for advancing the person and not just the player, and for working in a strong ecosystem of families, teammates, and partners to create positive impacts – in and beyond the game – remains at our core.”

“We couldn’t be more proud to be part of this initiative and to promote TPH Academy’s mastery-based approach to academics,” said Eric Vardon, President of EventConnect. “Since 2013, we have continued to invest in our product and team to realize our vision to continually advance the ease and efficiency of sports tournament management with innovative technology matched with unparalleled service and support and today; we are flattered to be able to support our shared love of youth sports through athletic success, matched with academic success that the TPH Academy enables“, Vardon added.

The 2021-2022 TPH Academy Impact Report spotlights the activities and achievements of TPH Academy student-athletes. Whether rolled up as an organization or by campus, highlights span athletic and academic results, advancement, community service, guest speakers, and include features such as mentorship, Girls in the Game, and TPH Gives Day. “Here you will see partnership, community, and growth – our brand promise to families – in the connections created with and between our student-athletes, the breadth and depth of engagement and resulting contributions in our communities, and the quantifiable development our student-athletes experience as they discover new levels of potential.”, Keeso writes in the report’s introduction. 

With an average student-athlete GPA of 3.66, and over 82% of students on the honor roll through TPH Academy’s mastery-based approach to academics, there’s no doubt that the TPH model is built not only for athletic success, but academic success as well. TPH student-athletes experience a blended, immersive learning environment that pairs online, certified teacher-supported course content with in-person guidance from Heads of Academics and Success Coaches. This combined model delivers the best of real and virtual worlds, preparing TPH student-athletes for success in college and university settings and beyond.

On the athletic front, TPH Academy had a standout year as well. Student-athletes experienced significant gains from their training, resulting in impressive upper and lower body strength increases, such as an average upper body strength increase of over 12%, and sports testing improvements. Advancement was earned at many levels, whether from AA to AAA, or into the junior and NCAA ranks. In fact, three TPH Academy alums – Cutter Gauthier, Rutger McGroarty, and Lane Hutson – were selected in the top two rounds of the 2022 NHL Entry Draft.

Keeso credits the success experienced by student-athletes first and foremost to the ownership they take in their development, stating, “We’re especially fortunate to have the opportunity to work and connect with amazing kids, who pour their hearts, minds, and bodies into their development. They arrive at TPH with a spark. It’s our duty to help them not only channel that spark into academic and athletic success, but also create positive outcomes in their communities as leaders, contributors, and positive influencers.”, 

Keeso further credits successes and outcomes achieved to TPH team members across academic and athletic disciplines, stating, “Our team of incredible mentors, coaches, trainers, and educators have a deep understanding and appreciation for the journeys our young student-athletes are on. Our teammates truly go above and beyond for the families who place a great degree of trust in us at an important time in their childrens’ development.”

A standout feature in the report is the “Girls in the Game” section. As more and more girls see increased access and opportunity in sports, especially ice hockey, TPH is working to grow those opportunities through its academies, associations, and events. The organization is currently experiencing the highest number of female athletes we have ever had.

“TPH is dedicated to growing the game of hockey within every community we serve,” said VP, TPH Colorado, Jordan Pietrus. “Girls hockey is an integral part of Colorado’s hockey history as well as its future, and we as an organization want to help empower these young women to be successful as hockey players, students, and leaders.”

The 2021-2022 TPH Impact Report also takes time to recognize and appreciate all that TPH student-athletes have done to give back to the communities that support them. Each TPH division across the US gives back in a way that is meaningful for their individual communities. From writing letters to local veterans to collecting essential items for those in need, including 12,000 pounds of food donated this past academic year, student-athletes make a meaningful impact well beyond the game. 

Keeso concludes his CEO’s message with a note of thanks, recognizing the village of people who are all a part of the desired impact TPH strives to empower: “For being with us on this journey, whether as a student-athlete, a parent, a teammate, or a partner, we thank you for all you do as together we strive to lead the world in the holistic development of student-athletes.”

View the entire 2021-2022 TPH Impact Report here. For more information on TPH and the TPH Academy Model, visit the TPH website here.

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