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Unlock Your Company’s Potential With Improved Efficiencies

“Time equals money” isn’t just a cliché that is repeated in every board meeting. For every hour we spend on a task, that is one-eighth of our workday allocated and spent. Gone. Never to return again. Time is one resource we can’t buy, sell, trade, or acquire. It’s infinitely valuable as it means more than just working hours – it’s memories made at the cottage, extra innings with friends, learning new skills, and establishing relationships.

Team builders will ask “what would you do with an extra hour?” It’s a big question with a million answers. You could re-invest that hour back into your business and work on another project. Or maybe you could spend it at the driving range to perfect that slice. Better yet, spend those 60 minutes with family on the lake. What if we asked you “what would you do with an extra 60 hours?” That’s, on average, how much time our Rights Holders save after adopting EventConnect as their digital solution.

We’re going to break down a few ways our partners have used our system to increase efficiencies within their workflows and how those tactics have saved and even made them money.

NSA Player Forms

Collecting player information can be a major pain for most event organizers. When trying to gather mass amounts of data there are many variables that can cause your data to become skewed or misinterpreted. Acquiring that data can also be challenging as some participants are unwilling to follow up before or after a tournament.

After partnering with EventConnect, NSA Canada has introduced a set of our custom questions that are sent to attendees a week after an event’s end date. This small survey asks participants and spectators where they stayed during the event and how happy they were with their experience.

Why is it important to know where they stayed? Because if they happened to make reservations outside of our system with the same hotel we contracted for the event – we can garner more revenue for the event organizer from those unaccounted room nights. The survey also gives organizers a much clearer picture of their teams’ experience at their event, allowing them to make improvements year over year.

Mass Messaging

Writing and sending mass messages can be one of the most time-consuming tasks of any organizer. Creating sets of messages, segmenting email lists, formating personalization functions, all of this eats up a large amount of time and effort. But these messages are very important to building a meaningful organizer-participant relationship.

Using automation and email messaging templates can drastically cut down the time it takes to send messages to your teams. Instead of writing out emails specific to each individual, you can simply use one of our tailored templates to notify teams about hotel cut-off dates, blocking end dates, when registration has opened, welcome messages, and reservation instructions. These templates are robust and can be customized to suit your tone of voice.

Alternatively, you can create your own custom templates for your teams with limitless opportunities. We have seen partners use our mass messaging platform to market their events and receive an incredible ROI. Some examples include sending full season schedules, team registration discounts for hotel bookings, tryouts, our own product articles, and more.

Segmenting your recipients can also be a task that takes too much time out of a busy schedule. We made our system intuitive by allowing you to target members based on whether they have rooms blocked, booked, reserved, or no reservations at all (plus much more). This makes your job of separating email addresses and cross-referencing hotel confirmations a thing of the past.

Take a look at this article on mass messaging to learn the ins-and-outs of our automated messaging system.

Elite Football & Cheer

One of our partners who has made incredible use of our system is Ace Carney at EF&C. Ace has been with us since the early days of EventConnect and brings over 10+ years of experience in the IT sector to his business. Ace saw a serious potential within our system and has had tremendous success leveraging our features to grow his business.

Ace found a way to market his events through our system by creating a media shell. This is a faux-event within our system where he uploads all of his current contacts and previous participants, allowing him to have a well-organized list of everyone his company has been involved with. With this list of prospects, he can easily send mass messages through our custom template system and market upcoming tournaments directly to the right people.

Along with using our system to market future events he also finds massive time-saving efficiencies with our reporting feature. Instead of spending hours contacting teams, hotels, and venues to gather information on how his event performed – he can now pull a detailed economic report within seconds from our system and have accurate data instantly.

It’s exciting to see new meaningful functionalities being found within our system. These are just a few examples we’ve seen our partners use to increase efficiencies within their businesses. As we continue to work on new features and improvements we can only expect to see new time-saving techniques emerge through our dedicated partners.

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