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Partnership Announcement: NUWAY Wrestling

We have many opportunities here at EventConnect to work with amazing partners, but not every day do we get to assist a household name in organizing their nationwide events with over 30,000 athletes.

Recently, NUWAY (National United Wrestling Association for Youth) became a strategic partner with Eventconnect to solve their issue of a late registration trend in their events. With too many events to count NUWAY will use our platform to streamline their registration process, having full data clarity during their team’s journey to ensure participants are signing up when they should. With this digital accuracy, they will know exactly who has registered and paid dues while also being able to use our automated messaging feature to remind participants to register well in advance of event dates.

In addition to registration transparency, NUWAY will be using our merchandise system as an online marketplace for their apparel. SportsAddix is a fully customizable sports apparel company that brings high-end clothing options to teams and leagues alike. They’ll also be making great use of our Team Dashboard in the coming months for easy event management as their events grow in size.

This partnership means participants and organizers will now have a suite of features at their fingertips including:

  • Instant digital registration with versatile payment options
  • Crystal clear data metrics showcasing exact registration intake
  • Custom question surveys to acquire all ‘need to know’ participant information
  • Easy to use digital platform on a free mobile app

As NUWAY’s events continue to expand we’re excited to be working alongside them integrating a new seamless event management process that will greatly improve their efficiency on and off the mats.

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