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Partner Spotlight: Sand Mountain Park


Sand Mountain Park is the latest facility from the SFM Network to partner with EventConnect. Also, Sand Mountain Park’s hometown, Explore Lake Guntersville, has partnered with EventConnect.

Sand Mountain Park & Amphitheater is a sports leisure, wellness and entertainment venue, with 16 tennis courts, 14 outdoor turf fields, 7,500 person capacity amphitheatre, an eight-lane indoor competition pool, an outdoor water park, playgrounds and RV park.

The 103,000-square-foot community recreation center will include hardwood courts, a 2-story fitness center, concessions, locker rooms and conference/party rooms. Truly a facility primed to host outstanding youth and amateur sports events.

Working with EventConnect

Both Sand Mountain Park and Explore Lake Guntersville are excited over EventConnect’s ability to provide real-time reporting, specifically how incoming events and tournaments impact the local hotel and tourism industry.

As a complete one-stop event management solution, EventConnect can create consistency, efficiency and ease of use for Sand Mountain Park and Explore Lake Guntersville as well as the hotels they work with.

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