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Industry Insider Series

Unveiling Valley Forge’s Winning Strategy: A Deep Dive

Prepare to uncover the secrets to sports tourism success as Rachel Dailey, Senior Director of Destination Sales at Valley Forge, and Matt Trinnear, our VP of Strategic Partnerships provide invaluable insights from their conversation.

Valley Forge’s Victory Lap!

Rachel and Matt delve deep into the sports tourism arena, revealing the secrets to success in a dynamic conversation that captivates from start to finish.


  • Rachel’s journey from Temple University to Valley Forge, fueled by a passion for destinations and sports.
  • Explore the power of relationships in the sports tourism industry, where every connection counts.
  • Valley Forge’s record-breaking year in 2023, hosting nine USA Nationals and the largest outdoor sporting event.
  • The upcoming YMCA Gymnastics Nationals and Valley Forge’s ambitious plans for 2024.
  • The art of creativity in destination sales, exemplified by Valley Forge’s innovative approach to niche events.
  • Rachel’s endorsement of EventConnect and the importance of investing in technology for success.

Don’t miss out on this powerhouse conversation between Rachel and Matt! Watch the full video to uncover the game-changing strategies shaping the future of sports tourism. #GameChangers #SportsTourismRevolution

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