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Industry Insider Series

Navigating the Intersection of Sports, Travel, and Partnership: A Conversation with Erik from Peak Sports Travel

Join us as Erik Tilley, founder of Peak Sport Travel, shares his journey from mountain travel to specializing in team sports travel, highlighting their personalized approach to group travel with Matt Trinnear, our VP of Strategic Partnerships.  From group flights to ground transportation and lodging, discover how Erik’s passion for travel led to creating a boutique travel company dedicated to exceptional customer service.

🔍 Key Insights:

  • Erik’s transition from mountain travel to team sports travel, emphasizing personalized service.
  • The role of partnerships, like the collaboration with Adrenaline Lacrosse, in enhancing sports events such as the Vail Lacrosse Tournament.
  • Balancing technology with personalized customer service to create memorable experiences for clients.

Don’t miss this enlightening discussion between Erik and Matt! Watch the full video now to uncover strategies driving success in the sports tourism industry. #SportsTravel #TeamSports #CustomerService


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