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EventConnect & RinkNet Partner to Provide Additional Value to RinkNet Members!

London, Ontario, August 31st, 2022– Today, EventConnect, the leader in connected amateur sports management technology and RinkNet, the go-to technology for scouts, coaches, and managers at elite levels around the world; forge a plan to integrate further as hockey continues to realize significant growth.   

RinkNet and EventConnect are pleased to announce a partnership by offering value-added service to all RinkNet members, enabling them to review, select and book discounted hotels for their scouting trips to elite events throughout North America. 

All RinkNet Members from their dashboard will now be able to quickly review, select and book discounted hotel rooms through EventConnect for your scouting trips. As a scout, simply log in, view your game details page and click on the new RinkNet hotel feed powered by EventConnect. EventConnect’s feed will instantly provide proximity-based discounted hotel rates to your arena destination. 


Quote from EventConnect President:

“We are thrilled about this new partnership with RinkNet, and it is yet another example of our connection and dedication to the sport of Hockey,” said Eric Vardon, President of EventConnect. “Both our companies are highly aligned to bringing great value and services to our clients, which makes this a great collaboration. Offering RinkNet members savings and efficiencies in booking their travel through EventConnect is a direct way to support RinkNet’s audience. We know that when scouts are in the stands, the level of play increases, and being part of this added connection in hockey means a lot to our partners, the participants, and a game we love”, Vardon added.


Quote from RinkNet: 

RinkNet’s partnership with EventConnect provides RinkNet clients with a critical tool to facilitate their scouting and travel planning,” stated Dan Halliburton, VP of Business Development for RinkNet. “EventConnect is an industry leader in North America’s hotel and accommodation options.  RinkNet users can leverage EventConnects rich hotel options and pricing database for any game scheduled in North America. This geo-based service will be available on the game details page on the RinkNet Online platform. I encourage tournament and event partners to consult with EventConnect staff on how they can help with their upcoming tournaments and events”, Halliburton added. 


About EventConnect

EventConnect is the only event management software in the sports tourism industry that connects thousands of rights holders, tournament directors and accommodations on one platform—working with more than 4,000 events and 20,000 hotels in over 800 cities across North America. EventConnect helps sports destinations/organizations reduce time spent on administrative tasks and increase capacity for delivering memorable experiences to all participants. The end-to-end platform is customized for each partner’s needs and is seamless for organizers and participants to use, creating efficiency while increasing value. EventConnect customers can increase room night reservations up to 30% while saving 24% of hotel costs for teams leaving a 98% rate of booking satisfaction and positive experiences. Learn more at


About RinkNet 

RinkNet has founded the simple philosophy: “we’ll do the work; you do the scouting.” Over the years, the product has grown beyond a scouting product into a full-fledged hockey operations solution. It is the go-to system for every elite hockey executive around the world.  In 2020, despite a worldwide pandemic, RinkNet grew and evolved again, acquired by Banyan Software ( and settled in office space in St. Jacobs, Ontario.  Our flagship player management system is used by over 3,500 hockey executives, including NHL teams, every CHL, USHL and NAHL club, as well as a host of junior teams and leagues across North America, plus many NCAA schools as Hockey Canada and U.S.A. Hockey.  Learn more at


For media inquiries, contact

Eric Vardon, President




Dan Halliburton, Vice President


(519) 804-8335 x215

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