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EventConnect Appoints Sarah Dyer to COO Drive Rapid Growth and Streamline Operations.

EventConnect has appointed Sarah Dyer as Chief Operating Officer (COO). The selection is aimed at driving rapid growth and streamlining operations within the organization. Sarah, an experienced executive in the hospitality industry, focuses on operational efficiencies and processes that have contributed to EventConnect’s success.

As the COO, Sarah will lead a dynamic team of Account Managers, Hotel Specialists, Coordinators, and the Customer Success team. Her leadership will extend to overseeing the needs of over 400 partners, nine major hotel chains, and a vast network of more than 22,000 hotels. One of her key objectives will be to ensure best-in-class customer service while developing tech solutions that scale.

“This is so well deserved, and we couldn’t be more happy with what Sarah has brought to this company. To meet the demands of our business and to constantly improve customer service and operations is at the heart of what our customers need from us,” said John D’Orsay, CEO of EventConnect. “Since 2013, we have continually invested in our product and team to remove the traditional pain points surrounding group travel. We wouldn’t be the company we are today, nor be able to realize many of the internal goals if it weren’t for Sarah’s hard work and dedication to this company and its vision.”, D’Orsay added.

Since its establishment in 2013, EventConnect has made substantial investments in its product, and the team is committed to achieving internal goals. Sarah’s hard work and dedication to service have played a pivotal role in the company’s progress and evolution.

Overall, Sarah Dyer’s appointment as COO at EventConnect is poised to propel the company’s growth and enhance its operational effectiveness and customer service delivery.

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