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Hotel Spotlight: Sonder

Sonder’s mission is to revolutionize hospitality through design and technology, to make a world of better stays open to all. Whether you are a minor league player ready to make it to the big leagues, or a family staying over a weekend for a volleyball tournament, Sonder has you covered for all your accommodation needs.

About Sonder

Sonder (NASDAQ: SOND) is revolutionizing hospitality through innovative, tech-enabled service and inspiring, thoughtfully designed accommodations combined into one seamless experience.

Launched in 2014 and headquartered in San Francisco, Sonder provides a variety of accommodation options — from spacious rooms to fully-equipped suites and apartments — found in over 40 markets spanning ten countries and three continents. The Sonder app gives guests full control over their stay. Complete with self-service features, simple check-in and 24/7 on-the-ground support, amenities and services at Sonder are just a tap away, making a world of better stays open to all.

Our self-managed booking and check-in process allows you to seamlessly enter your Sonder accommodation right away by using the Sonder app. Our thoughtfully designed hotel suites and apartment-style accommodations, many with full kitchens, are excellent for families or athletes that want to save and cook their own meals. We have you covered with accommodations in large cities across North America, Europe and the Middle East”

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