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Partnership Announcement: True Lacrosse

Summer may be winding down but our partners are only ramping up! Coming out of Illinois, True Lacrosse is the premier lacrosse club for the Midwest offering its members the opportunity to work with experienced professional coaches, developing players into skilled athletes with a greater understanding of the game.

Established in 2008, True Lacrosse operates in 17 states and is one of the biggest event producers in the realm of youth lacrosse. Both their boys and girls national teams are stacked with high caliber players who have developed athletically and professionally with the sport while being involved in the club. True Lacrosse holds 22 events every year ranging in divisions from youth, high school, collegiate, and national levels. These high-demand events regularly see 70-80 teams compete for championships! They’re also a hotbed for professional recruiting as many former members have been scouted onto elite level teams.

  • Access to exclusive accommodation rates
  • Simple, quick booking experience with no hassle
  • Detailed reservation reporting for instant projections

With so many events and teams, True Lacrosse needed a digital solution to help with the pure volume of hotel accommodations they see on a monthly basis. We were happy to begin our partnership by helping their girls clubs with our exclusive hotel portal and dedicated procurement staff, providing them with below industry rates on accommodations. We can’t wait to see how this partnership grows in the years to come!

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