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Partnership Announcement: The Ohio Cup Water Polo Tournament

Nothing beats a cool pool on a hot summer day and no one knows that better than water polo athletes. With much excitement, we would like to announce our most recent partner, the Ohio Cup Water Polo Tournament!

Being the largest high school water polo tournament in the midwest, the Ohio Cup Water Polo Tournament brings together over 30 teams for their September events averaging 500 players! With growth expected in the coming years, a digital solution was needed to help with the heavy lifting of event management.

Having such a busy tournament schedule translated to a mountain of paperwork for organizers between scheduling games, updating scores, managing travel team accommodations, and mass messaging communications. When we first talked with tournament director Jeff Fisher he expressed how our software would be ideal for the issues he’s been struggling with in managing his events. Not long after seeing a demo of our platform Jeff began his partnership with us as a fully integrated partner.

  • Digital solution for all aspects of tournament management
  • Ease of use for participants, spectators, organizers, and event owner
  • Tailored scheduling & scoring brackets
  • Free mobile app for instant updates

We’re looking forward to the Ohio Cup Water Polo Tournament next September and can’t wait to see how participants and organizers will use our product to the fullest!

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