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Partnership Announcement: Peak Events

Everyone wants to summit the peak, but only the most determined will make it to the top. That’s where our newest partner, Peak Events, has found themselves in collegiate level baseball.

You know that big things will happen with the mentality of always giving “115%”, and Peak Events lives by that motto. After only a few years in the industry they have grown substantially with their two elite invite-only NCAA Division 1 tournaments held at the Dell Diamond and Dr. Pepper Park, the #1 ranked minor league park in America. Some of the teams already taking advantage of participating with Peak Events are Texas A&M, UCLA, Oklahoma State, and Stanford just to name a few.

  • Introducing streamlined hotel portal for painless accommodations
  • Access to exclusive hotel rates under industry standard
  • Scalable system promoting growth

We’re looking forward to supporting Peak Events with our robust hotel portal, allowing their fans access to our exclusive rates and effortless booking system. As a branch of Peak Sports MGMT, Peak Events is an event management firm specializing in collegiate sporting events. Peak Events owns and operates the Round Rock Classic and Frisco College Baseball Classic.  Branded as the best tournament experience for both participating teams and attending fans outside of the College World Series in Omaha, these early season Division I collegiate baseball tournaments are held annually in Frisco, Texas and Round Rock, Texas.

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