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Partnership Announcement: Hockey New Brunswick

With hockey season right around the corner, it’s an absolute pleasure to announce that Hockey New Brunswick is our latest partner! This is exciting for us as they are a governing body in Canadian hockey and have deep roots in East Coast hockey going back to the 1960s.

The first organized game of hockey played in New Brunswick can be traced back to the late 1890s, that’s some serious history! As teams and leagues were developing in the formative years of hockey, the New Brunswick Amateur Hockey Association was established in 1967. In the fall of 1988, New Brunswick High School Hockey was included into the NBAHA which has proved to be very successful for both parties. In 2002 the NBAHA changed their name to Hockey New Brunswick to be more in line with other associations around the nation. Today Hockey New Brunswick holds the AAA Provincial Championships, a qualifying tournament that sees 22 teams from across the Maritimes come together for a great weekend of highly competitive hockey.

  • New Partner integrated with the EventConnect Suite
  • Governing body partner with decades of hockey history
  • Growing tournament looking to expand their reach

HNB needed a digital solution to help handle their business in a more effective way. As their tournament kept growing, the need for more efficient workflows became apparent. With our software, they are now able to track every team in their event and know exactly where they’re staying, how much impact their event is having on the local economy, and offer their participants exclusive discounted rates with our hotel partners.

We’re very excited to help support Hockey New Brunswick with growing their tournament for years to come.

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