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Partner Spotlight: Tyrant Wrestling


Founded in 2002, Tyrant is rooted in rich tradition and history. Their mission is to provide wrestlers of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to compete, learn, and fall in love with the sport of Wrestling. They pride in putting on superior quality wrestling events with a customer-focused approach because the wrestling family is our family.

Tyrant is the one-stop-shop for all your wrestling needs: Tournaments, Custom Team Gear, Apparel, Accessories, Wrestling Mat Sales, Tournament Services, and More!

Tyrant Wrestling is one of the most well-respected Wrestling associations in North America, running large and prestigious tournaments. Tournaments are held in various states, including Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

The tournaments are High-quality, well-run, competitive wrestling tournaments that are conducted efficiently while providing the wrestlers, coaches, and parents with a memorable experience. Providing opportunities for wrestlers of all ages, genders, and skill levels to compete on the local, regional, and national levels since 2002.

Working with EventConnect

Tyrant Wrestling is always looking for efficiencies and ways to streamline its operational processes, which EventConnect can provide. Specifically, Tyrant Wrestling has found great value in EventConnect’s comprehensive registration platform, which is fully integrated with accommodations/housing – eliminating the need for multiple costly software to run their events. In addition, Tyrant can centralize all data and reporting across their business units to see a clear vision of the business allowing for quick decision making.

Tyrant Wrestling also uses several Sports Facility Management (SFM) venues for their events, making EventConnect a great fit with our shared partnership with SFM.

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