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Partner Spotlight: Greensboro Convention and Visitors Bureau


The Greensboro Area Convention and Visitors Bureau is an independent, non-profit, governmental authority whose mission is to market Greensboro’s assets aggressively, maximizing economic impact while providing excellent visitor service.

Guilford County ranks third in the state in travel and tourism expenditures, with over $1.3 billion generated in 2016 and more than 13,500 people employed in travel-related jobs.

Working with EventConnect

Why is EventConnect the right platform for the organization?

The Greensboro Convention and Visitors Bureau was awarded the 2022 AAU Junior Olympics after successfully hosting the event in the destination in 2019. With the recent success of partnering on the 2021 event in Houston, Texas, as well as other significant multi-sport events, EventConnect has proven itself as the best platform to partner with the Greensboro CVB.

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