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Partner Spotlight: Chaparral Ice


Located in Cedar Park, Texas, The Crossover Entertainment, Sports and Health Mall is an over-200,000 square feet facility that provides regulation ice rinks and multiple playing surfaces for more than a dozen sports in one convenient location. With climate controlled indoor sports and fitness facilities, as well as both natural and synthetic outdoor fields for year-round use, Chaparral Ice will be a truly memorable experience.

Beyond Sports

The facility is home to best-in-class medical services, family entertainment and full-service food and beverage. Chaparral Ice aims to promote overall athlete development by offering a fun, safe, and service-oriented destination for skaters and athletes of all levels.

Offering a Memorable Experience

  • The facility projects over 930,000 participant and spectators per year
  • Two full-size regulation NHL ice rinks
  • Two full-size indoor/outdoor turf fields football/soccer/lacrosse
  • Sports performance training
  • VR/AR sports training & gaming
  • Golf Simulation

Wellness & Health

Chaparral Ice’s mission of promoting overall athlete development through a fun, safe and service-oriented environment isn’t just lip-service. The facility is fully equipped with:

  • Nutrition, health & fitness amenities
  • Hydration IV therapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Medical services

Working with EventConnect

EventConnect’s ability to offer high-level customer service with streamlined registration & accommodations booking allows Event Organizers to attract and establish partnerships with premium hockey clubs coming to their events.

Also, Event Organizers can efficiently work on expanding revenue streams while using EventConnect’s robust digital platform. For example, Chaparral Ice can now host Adult Hockey tournaments and offer highly discounted hotel rooms to incoming attendants, generating additional hotel revenue that traditionally would not be captured.

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