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Industry Insider Series

Turbocharging Twin Cities: Unveiling Sports Tourism’s MVP!

In a riveting conversation between Matt Trinnear, Our VP of Strategic Partnerships and Al Stauffacher, the president and CEO of Twin Cities Gateway, the game plan for sports tourism domination unfolds. From electrifying events to seamless partnerships, this conversation is your backstage pass to the future of sports tourism.

Twin Cities’ Triumph Unleashed!
Al and Matt dive deep into the sports tourism arena, revealing the playbook for success.

Their conversation is a goldmine of insights, a treasure trove for sports tourism aficionados. Witness the synergy between Twin Cities Gateway and National Sports Center as they unlock the secrets to hosting world-class events.


  • Al shares the highlights of the U.S. Sports Congress, from illuminating workshops to golfing escapades.
  • Discover the genesis of Al’s involvement with Twin City Gateway and the National Sports Center.
  • Dive into the excitement surrounding the USA Cup, North America’s Largest Youth Soccer Tournament, and its enchanting opening ceremonies.
  • Explore emerging trends in sports tourism, from new sports like Quidditch to innovative event-hosting strategies.
  • Unveil the transformative power of EventConnect in streamlining hotel management for sports events.
  • Get a sneak peek into Twin Cities’ ambitious goals for 2024 and the challenges they aim to conquer.

Take advantage of this powerhouse conversation between Al and Matt! Watch the full video to uncover the game-changing strategies shaping the future of sports tourism. 

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