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Industry Insider Series

Transforming Sports Tourism: A Discussion with Brian Werner 


Explore the intricacies of sports tourism with Brian Werner, President of Prospect Wire, and Matt Trinnear, our VP of Strategic Partnerships. Dive into a candid conversation dissecting industry dynamics and future trends.”Get ready for a rollercoaster of insights and laughter as these industry mavens examine the future of sports events.


  • Brian’s journey from the baseball diamond to the boardroom unveils a tale of grit and determination, proving that success often starts where comfort ends.
  • Discover the magic behind Prospect Wire’s meteoric rise, fueled by passion, innovation, and good luck.
  • Explore the delicate balance between old-school scouting and cutting-edge technology as Brian and Matt dissect the evolving landscape of player evaluation.

Take advantage of this electrifying exchange between Brian and Matt! Dive into the full video to uncover the secrets driving the sports tourism revolution.


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