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Industry Insider Series

Revolutionizing Sports Tourism: A Candid Conversation with Ben Snyder


Join Ben Snyder of Greater Grand Junction Sports and Matt Trinnear, VP of Strategic Partnerships, as they uncover the secrets behind Grand Junction’s success in the sports tourism arena. From thrilling events to strategic partnerships, this dynamic conversation offers invaluable insights into shaping the future of sports tourism.

­čöą Highlights Include:

  • Explore the behind-the-scenes action of iconic events like the JUCO World Series.
  • Learn about Ben’s journey and the unique challenges of managing sports events in a smaller destination.
  • Discover the power of local collaboration in driving economic impact and community engagement.
  • Unveil the strategic vision and long-term goals shaping Grand Junction’s sports tourism landscape.
  • Gain exclusive insights into EventConnect’s role in streamlining event management and hotel coordination.

Take advantage of this captivating conversation between Ben and Matt! Watch the full video now to unlock the game-changing strategies driving the future of sports tourism. #SportsTourismRevolution

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