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EventConnect Monthly Product Updates Pt. 2

Our team at EventConnect is constantly updating the platform to provide our partners and their participants with a better sports tournament experience. Here are some of the main changes we’ve made to our software over the last month!

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  1. View the status and booking type of Room Block Reservations
  2. Notification for NSOs when recurring event’s contract is “renewed” and sent for re-approval
  3. Rooming List filter added to only show updated reservations
  4. Disable Requests on selected preferred hotels
  5. “Next Payment” field added to Sanction Reports
  6. Rooming List CSV export customization
  7. Allow pending rosters to join events
  8. Move multiple teams to a new division/rate
  9. Disable Room Block Requests (RBRs) on a nightly basis
  10. Hotel dashboard reservations – earned comps
  11. Ice hockey game sheets
  12. Team manager reservation management

1. View the status and booking type of Room Block Reservations

Room block booking type

Organizers can now see if a reservation is an earned or up-front comp under the status column of the Room Block page. The booking type column defines the reservation status as cancelled, pending or confirmed.

2. NSOs are now notified when a recurring event’s contract is “renewed” and sent for re-approval

Hotel National Sales Offices (NSOs) are now notified when an event owner with a recurring event sends a request to approve a renewed contract that was used previously. 

NSO email

A toggle has been added to send renewal notifications to NSOs on the Contract Status update tool on the event owner Tournament Hotels page.

NSO email custom

NSOs will also be notified about the renewed contract request when submitting for hotel approval. 

3. Filter Rooming List to Show Only Updated Reservations 

To support our hotel partners, we increased the functionality of hotel contract rooming lists to make managing the complexity of reservation updates easier. 

Reservation changes

Rooming lists can now be filtered to display only reservations with unconfirmed updates, the staff member who had confirmed the update is always logged, and enhancements were added for room type and comp room specifics. 

4. Disable Requests on selected Preferred Hotels

As an event owner, you might want to encourage online travel agency bookings instead of contracting inventory directly from hotels. We are excited to release a new feature that allows you to customize your hotel feed from a selection of online travel agency-sourced hotels.  

Disable contracted hotels

The “Disable Contracted Hotel Requests” option on the Accommodation Settings page now only disables requests on contracted hotels. To disable affiliate hotels, go to the online hotels list and disable requests per hotel.

Custom hotels

5. “Next Payment” Field Added to Sanction Reports

Our member registration feature has had so many new features that it requires a full news update (coming soon). The most recent update allows you to quickly view the most recent and the next sanction payment to be made as part of our automated payment scheduling feature. The last payment and next payment columns are hidden by default and must be enabled via the “Select Fields” menu.

Next payment column

The “Next Payment” column has been added to all sanction reports (team/player/referee) and shows when the payment is scheduled to be charged. If users or teams are not on a plan, or their plan has been fully paid or expired, the column displays as “N/A.” 

6. Rooming List CSV Exports: Column Selection

Hoteliers! You can now export only the data that you wish to see. Our system now allows complete customization of your exported rooming list.

Rooming list fields

The new “select fields” button opens a menu which enables you to select the fields you want to include in your rooming list CSV export. Beside the “select fields” button is a tooltip that links to a document that outlines the fields and format that are required for Opera’s PMS system. .

7. Allow Pending Rosters to Join Events

When you combine member management with tournament registration, you now have the power to create teams with pending rosters. This allows your teams to register for tournaments before their roster is approved. It’s a fantastic feature to implement with early tournaments when the teams have not yet been finalized.

Allow pending rosters to join event

8. Move Multiple Teams to a New Division/Rate

We’ve added the ability for event owners to move multiple Teams to a new division or rate at once! From an event’s Registration Report, select as many groups as you’d like, and then in the pop-up menu in the right-hand bottom corner of the screen, click the “Change Division” button. 

Move division

You’ll be greeted with a new pop-up menu where you can select a new division or rate.

Change division rate

9. Disable Room Block Requests (RBRs) on a nightly basis

We’ve added the ability for hotel users to disable RBRs on specific contracted nights or shoulder nights. 

Disabling RBRs

A note is created in the event contract each time requests are disabled or enabled. All room contracts that were previously disabled now have each night individually set to disabled as a result of this update.

10. Hotel Dashboard Reservations – earned comps

The hotel dashboard’s rooming list now also displays the number of comp nights used per reservation. 

Hotel reservations

We have also added a dropdown filter to filter rooming lists by reservation type: paid, all comp reservations, only earned comps, or only upfront comps.

Earned room comps

11. Ice Hockey Game sheets

Event owners can now download PDF format game sheets for ice hockey games preloaded with the names of each game’s players, coaches, team managers, and referees which can easily be shared with participants!

Ice hockey scoresheet

12. Team Manager Reservation Management

Team manager edit reservations

Team managers can now edit their players’ reservations to adjust the check-in and check-out date, email, first and last name, or special room requests.

Wrapping up EventConnect’s monthly product updates

The EventConnect team is constantly working on improving our software to create a better experience for you and participants across the board. If you want to see how EventConnect can make managing tournaments pain-free, schedule a demo today or browse our features.

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