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EventConnect Monthly Product Updates Pt. 13

New Releases

Hotels & Contracting

Event Contracting Data Roll-Up

We’ve added key metrics and progress indicators to an event’s Contracting page to make contracting decisions efficiently. This roll-up summarizes vital metrics to help you make decisions on the fly, quickly assess how many teams you can house with current inventory, how many staff or complimentary rooms you have available, or identify progress towards revenue goals.

Contracting Companies can access this from the existing event contracting page and the new Events page on the Contracting Company Dashboard.


Edit Pending Contract Submissions

Before a contract submission is approved, hotel users can edit their submissions. This specific update aims to streamline the contracting process and provides flexibility to hotels during negotiations.

Both parties must review any changes to existing contract submissions and will revert the submission to a “Submitted” status.


Multi-Select Contract Statuses on Hotel Dashboard

Users can now select multiple Contract Statuses on the Hotel Dashboard – for example, you can view Pending and Approved contracts in the same list.


Mass-Cancel RFPs

To quickly cancel existing RFPs for an event, whether the event has sufficient inventory or requests need to be re-sent/edited, Contracting Users can now mass-delete RFPs.


Automatically Decline Room Block Requests after 5 Days

To ensure teams receive timely responses to Room Block Requests, all requests will expire after five calendar days if the hotel has not responded.


Association & Event Management

Updates to Add-On Details Page

We’ve updated our Add-On Details page to display order details better and give users quick access to their QR codes for redemption.


Account Manager on Association Dashboard

To ensure all partners have direct access to support, Association users can now see their Account Manager on the Association Dashboard. Under the left-hand menu, your Account Manager is displayed with their direct contact information.


Create Room Block Request from the Event Dashboard

Event Users, with the Create Room Block tool, can now submit Room Block Requests to hotels without opening the hotel feed. From the Room Blocks page, functionality has been improved to allow for basic Room Block creation and to submit Room Block Requests.


Export Division/Rate Settings

From the Divisions page, there is a Download .CSV button under “More Actions.” – this export will include all settings for divisions and rates on an event to allow Event Users to identify errors or analyze the performance of certain divisions quickly.

Export Division/Rate Settings


Order Top Seeds in Brackets

When an elimination bracket is created, the higher seed will show as the top team for a first-round match-up. Higher seeds will also be represented as “Home” when Home/Away settings are enabled.

Order Top Seeds in Brackets


Add Members to Team without Profile

To allow coaches to build rosters quickly without parent involvement, we have introduced a setting to “Require Player Account”; by turning off the setting, team managers or coaches can add players to a team without entering an email or phone number. In this case, rosters can be quickly created to fill out a tournament roster document or game sheet. The Team Manager will be responsible for any surveys/payments associated with these team members.


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