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Thoughts for the New Year from EventConnect

What can we say?

2021 is off to a crazy start! At EventConnect, we have genuinely doubled down our efforts to bring together our industry under a united platform. First, we listened closely to our customers’ needs and changed the refund policy to ensure that all users will receive a refund for the hotels they booked if events are cancelled. Since March, we have seen remarkable growth through a time when many have struggled, with our renewed focus on proving the industry-first connect technology, the highest customer service and downright grit to move through these past few months.

Since our inception, we have promised to lower the cost of youth and amateur sports, and we are happy that this goal continues to be realized. Over the past six months, we have been engineering a new and ground-breaking feature to our software suite that will remove millions of dollars from users’ current expenses. As with all features across EventConnect, Membership and Club Management will be free to our customers looking for a solution to manage sanctioned teams, members, classifications and point limitations, background checks, reporting and more.

By working with our partners, we have been tirelessly working on upgrading our scheduling platform to offer all the nuances of scheduling an event, such as how to pool and schedule faster, while considering all teams restrictions. Our updated Scheduling and new features will also support a dedicated app for your tournaments where your teams will only see your brand and upcoming events.

And lastly, we have built an industry first Hotel RFP and response platform for group travel that will ensure that your travel teams receive the lowest rate possible when booking their rooms.

All of this, and we still have lots more on the road map to build.

On the “legal” front, as many of you know, RoomRoster was our initial brand. We love where we are at and the EventConnect brand speaks more closely to our future and the industry unification and memories we know our software creates. As of Jan 1st, 2021, we are officially changing our name from RoomRoster to EventConnect Software LLC.

Our brand promises to enable your team to run the most memorable tournaments. Let’s work together and bring our industry back because sports is one of the components of life that brings us together.  Sports drive new friendships, keep us healthy both in the body and mind, and let’s be honest, and it’s just fun.  And fun is what we all need more of!

John D’Orsay, CEO | EventConnect

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