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Messaging The Masses: A modern tale.

Working with automated messaging has become a well-adopted tactic in our online age by reducing the time it takes to organize and push messages to users. Instead of the old method of writing specific messages to individual users, we now have automation platforms that can send personalized messages in bulk across different channels, thereby maximizing reach.

We’ve seen great success with automated messaging and would like to share how we achieved those results and ways you can apply them to your own messaging. For this article we will be focusing on our email and text efforts.

#1. Email

Working with email has great benefits; you can send graphic heavy messages with a tremendous amount of content and functionality, you’re able to review precise metrics for each individual email sent, all while targeting segmented client lists with messages specific to each group.

With EventConnect we have built in a variety of automated emails for common tasks registrants tend to need reminders for. These range from instructional on how to block rooms (and when those blocks are cut off), adding members to a team, next steps, and booking receipts. These can be found in the Event Owner dashboard under Event Setup -> Custom Messaging.

Now, what goes into an effective email? Ideally, you want the email to be opened, read, and your ‘call to action’ used. This means the recipient is engaged with your message and is following the steps you’ve outlined for them. There are some key criteria we follow that ensures our message resonates and becomes an effective piece.

Engaging copy

You have your users attention by being in their inbox, what are you going to do now? We have short attention spans these days, because of that we need to be quick and concise when it comes to writing our messages. Make your email pop with engaging copy that captivates the reader by adding personalization, current information, and an appealing layout.

We have five templates pre-built into our Event Owner dashboard (under messages “Select Message Template”) that provide you prewritten emails with detailed instructions for various tasks E.O.’s are commonly asked. We’ve found these templates free up valuable time for E.O.’s and offers recipients an instant avenue to complete their requested task.

Below is an example of one of our email templates

“Good Morning,

You are receiving this email because your team is registered for the ***Event*** and have not yet made room blocks at an event sponsored hotel. Please ensure your team has been set-up in the Event Connect software and rooms are blocked for reservations. Event Connect hotels are at a group discounted rate and are contracted and available for your event. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to your support team below, we want to ensure that all teams stay together in a hotel of their choice!

Team Managers looking for assistance in creating a block of rooms, please email the Travel Team Coordinator via

For general inquiries, please contact the Support Team by dialling 1-888-723-2064 or by email via

Looking forward to seeing you at our tournament!”

Segmented lists

Segmenting your emails can make you feel like an email marketing aficionado overnight. By separating your recipients into groups you have the ability to target them based on location, interests, and purchasing history while providing them with more precise information.

For example, if you have groups of teams that have yet to block rooms and others that have not included required documents to their profiles, you can target both groups with different emails at the same time reminding them of their tasks.


An amazing email can be squandered by poor timing. We don’t mean just hitting send at 11PM and hoping for the best, but rather missing out on critical timing windows before hotel reservation cutoff dates and facing repercussions. We make sure time-sensitive emails are pushed well before the hotel reservation cutoff date to ensure all recipients have ample time to follow the required steps.

Additionally, we have a number of automated emails that are sent out at strategic times before an event to registrants: these messages range from confirmations, reminders, instructions, and notifications. The timing of these messages is critical to their effectiveness; if sent too early they can be forgotten, if sent too late then the recipient is now scrambling for time. For example, the Block Room Reminder email is sent out nine days after registration to those who have created a room block and have remaining rooms, this email displays the rooms blocked with information to reserve the room.

#2. Text

In addition to emails, we’ve incorporated a text message system that has proved very effective in notifying clients of upcoming deadlines and encouraging users to interact with our request. We find these text-based messages are useful as a gentle reminder that can be easily interacted with and ultimately make for a more enjoyable travel experience for our customers.

Comp Room Reminder

One of our automated text messages informs clients of upcoming cutoffs for complimentary room nights. We found that these comp rooms can often be overlooked by Event Owners or not assigned within the timeframe permitted.

Our solution was to incorporate a text message reminder that is sent out ten days before the earliest cutoff deadline for the comp rooms, notifying the client that they have unused complimentary nights that will expire soon. This message is sent at 10AM in the user’s timezone to promote visibility while encouraging action. With this message, we have seen a large increase in room block allocation with 25% of recipients booking their free comp nights right away.

Room Block Reminder

The second text message we use is one for reminding club/team managers to utilize our blocking feature before they are no longer eligible. Blocking rooms ahead of time is a very encouraged practice as it guarantees the lowest offered price and room preference (*Link to Get Blocked*) well before your game day.

When blocking rooms we need to inform our suppliers so they can keep an accurate track of their stock, this means we need to submit your requests far ahead of your event. We found that registrants were not taking advantage of our blocking system for a number of reasons but a major one was that they were missing the cutoff date.

So we created an automated message that is sent to team/club registrar’s 10 minutes after a team is registered to our system. This message includes a direct link to their team’s dashboard where they can immediately block rooms.

Send To: All

You don’t have to be a marketing major to see the results of automated messaging. When combined with engaging copy, dynamic graphics, and proper timing – you’ll reap the benefits of a great campaign. If you find your club has trouble with communications it’s best to be proactive and look at ways to close that gap before it gets wider.

Our automated messaging can lighten the load on your team while adding an edge to your organization, allowing for more efficient time management and a smoother traveling experience overall. Book a demo today!

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