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Manage Your Tournaments More Efficiently With Three Easy Steps

Youth sports events are a lot of work. Like, a lot of work. Venue visits, team manager phone calls, and miles of red tape – even the most organized director would have trouble staying on top of this list.

EventConnect’s tournament software lifts some weight off your shoulders by providing an efficient digital platform to book hotel rooms, register for your tournaments, keep everyone up-to-date with automated email and SMS messaging, and more.

So how can we make your events run even smoother? By incorporating an efficient event process into your workflow.

The Reg First Model

There are a lot of moving parts inside of an event and the best way to ensure everything is on track is to begin the process early. This is going to give you more time to smooth out issues that arise and allow you to mitigate potential hiccups more efficiently.

With this method, you’ll also be able to leverage our key accounts professionals to their fullest power. Our team of tournament experts is happy to help you get the absolute most out of your events by lending hands-on guidance. They’re also going to educate you on the specifics of our tournament software to help you get the most out of the platform. The earlier you have an agent on your side the earlier you can begin using their wealth of knowledge.

One of the largest motivators we see for partners choosing to operate the registration first model is simply the ease of use provided by a streamlined experience. By opening registration early  you will have a much more organized event with less uncertainty. React quicker and anticipate issues, with live reporting. Since our platform is fully digital, we capture all the information you need in order to have more clarity and a better understanding of your registrations.

Book a demo of EventConnect to check out our leading registration software for youth sports events.

Blocking Early

The earlier registration can happen, the lower the need to scramble to arrange accommodations. Without a doubt encouraging your teams to hold blocks of hotel rooms early will greatly improve their tournament experience. We feel so strongly about this we wrote a separate article outlining how important early blocking is to a well-run event. This tactic is going to ease your group housing strain by providing teams early on with ample hotel inventory to choose from.

Our hotel portal makes blocking group housing a breeze. Teams can effortlessly search for accommodations within your event’s host city and filter results by distance, amenities, price, and rating. As your teams are browsing our exclusive inventory they’ll have the power to hold up to 100 rooms at a given property.

The ease of holding a block of rooms at a hotel encourages a team manager to select where his team will stay without having to pay for all the rooms up front.  After the room block is created, all the team manager needs to do is share a link to the room block with the team and just like magic, they can reserve their rooms – never having to even pick up the phone.

By combining the registration first model and early blocking tactic your registered teams can now be fully prepared for your event months in advance. No more last minute scrambles to track down a dozen hotel rooms on Memorial Day weekend.

Automated Messaging

Last but definitely not least is looking for opportunities to automate your event process. Automation is one of the fastest and easiest ways to increase efficiencies in your event process while making the experience engaging and meaningful for your registrations. One automation service we offer to our partners is automated messaging to teams and participants.

This is going to supercharge communication between your teams and provide them with crucial information about your event. Easily connect with multiple organizations without having to spend time searching email chains to see which team hasn’t booked a hotel yet. Our key accounts team has incorporated this technology into their services and can show you how to harness its power it to its fullest potential.

Review and Refine

It’s important to take a step back and evaluate what’s working and what’s not. Bring your team together and ask them what they feel could be improved to bring even more efficiency to your event process.

What we’ve covered in this article is a starting point but not an end-all list. Maybe your organization requires an efficient internal communications application, if so then Slack would be a fantastic solution. They provide a wonderfully designed interface and are considered the ultimate in office team communications.

Efficient Events Promote Good Organizational Health

Bringing efficiencies to your teams will only help to make their tournament experience that much more amazing. Its impact is felt beyond your bottom line and spans across all departments. We find efficiencies like these greatly improve our partners’ operations, allowing them to spend more time growing their business.

Promote Event Sponsors On Registration With Custom Messaging.

Do you have sponsors for your event or special promotions? ? You can promote their business to teams during registration via custom messaging! This is a low effort tactic that provides extra promotion for your sponsors early on in your event process. When using custom messaging you can target users once they’ve completed their registration with additional content from sponsors, giving them extra ad space in an area that is guaranteed viewership.

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