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Why Onboarding Partners is Important to EventConnect

Here’s the problem with many other sports tournament software solutions: you get thrown into the platform with little help and support and are left to figure out everything on your own. This makes creating events and running them smoothly more difficult. It can also be more expensive.

That’s why support and onboarding are so crucial to us at EventConnect. The dedicated training from our staff is sports-specific and youth sports-specific. Other solutions are often generic and don’t apply directly to your sport. You can have peace of mind knowing you have someone to take the burden off your shoulders when moving platforms and getting accustomed.

We support partners in everything from creating divisions to configuring events and consulting. You don’t have to fear change or disruption in your work and operations. Our full onboarding support holds your hand and sets you up for success. By the time you’re done, you own the software.

We listen to our partners, as well. We take comments and ratings regularly and continue to learn and build our technology to support these. You can see our monthly product updates to get a sneak peek into some of the updates we do to EventConnect to make it better for our partners. 

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