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EventConnect Monthly Product Updates Pt. 12


New Releases

Event Payment Plans

EventConnect now offers Payment Plans for events, so organizers can provide families with flexible ways to pay for tournament registration fees.

From an Event Dashboard’s Financials page, you can create Plans. Plans will divide the cost owed by a user for Registrations, Registration Charges, and Add-Ons across the schedule you create – you can set a first installment date, control the dates of each installment, and control the portion of payment due at each installment.

Payment Plans are only available when using the EventCollect payment gateway.

For detailed information about Payment Plans and EventCollect for your organization, contact your Account Manager to set up a training call.


Mobile Scorekeeping

When your organization commissions a Custom Mobile App through EventConnect, you can now use Mobile Scorekeeping. Previously, Scorekeeping was done through the EventConnect web app or the Scorekeeper App – now, to streamline your event management tools further, you can enter and edit scores directly in your Custom Mobile App. Click a game from the Schedule tab and Submit/Change score.

Permission for who can scorekeep from the mobile app, is controlled by the same permissions you use for scheduling edits today.

To learn about Customer Mobile Apps with EventConnect, contact your Account Manager for next steps.

Mobile Scorekeeping
Mobile Scorekeeping


Feature Upgrades

Merchandise/Ticketing (Add-Ons)

Import Items

To avoid re-creating common items in your events, use the “Import Add-Ons” feature to duplicate another event’s items into the event you’re setting up. Items will be copied over with the same inventory counts and settings without copying orders. Once you import items, you can still adjust before selling through your new event.

Import Items

Resend Order Confirmation Email

From an Order’s details page, you can now resend the user their Order Confirmation Email.

To resent the confirmation email, navigate to the Order’s Details page (Manage/Edit order, from the Add-On Report), then click “Resend Email”.

Resend Order Confirmation Email

Resend Order Confirmation Email

All custom survey questions and answers will now be included in the Event’s “Add-on Report” export. If filtering by a specific item, it will only export questions & answers for that item.

For this report, use the Registration menu and click “Add-Ons”.

Report/Status Upgrades

The Add-On Report now includes statuses of “Ordered” (no redemption), “Partially Redeemed” (some items in the order have been redeemed), and “Redeemed” (all items in the order have been redeemed).


Scheduling & Scoring

Coach Conflict Time Buffer

Coaches often handle multiple teams at one tournament and need time to travel from game to game. Now, you can enable a Coach Time Between Games to help schedule realistic time slots for Coaches.

From the Settings page, under Scheduling & Scoring, the “Game Conflicts” section allows you to enter the number of minutes Coaches need between games. When this rule is violated, the games will be flagged with a conflict so that you can address them.

3-Way Head-to-Head Tiebreaker

In addition to our standard 2-team Head-to-Head tie-breaker, events can now utilize a tie-breaker for Head-to-Head across a group of 3 teams.

When 3 teams are tied, the 3-Way Head-to-Head will break the tie based on the common Head-to-Head record across games where the tied teams have played one another.

Export Schedule to GameSheets, Inc.

EventConnect now offers a formatted event schedule export that can be easily imported into GameSheet, Inc. platform. Hockey events can now use EventConnect’s robust scheduling and bracketing tools while still using scorekeeping and tracking stats in GameSheets, Inc.

Contact your Account Manager about this tool for more information.


Registration Management

Membership Tags and Filtering

Team Members (Managers and Players) can now be tagged and filtered by an assigned tag. This option can be a helpful way to categorize players based on behavior or to design custom workflow, like Player Survey Submission reviews.

To create a tag, visit the Player Report or Management Report and click “Manage Tags”. Then, create a tag. Once added, you can select one or many users from the report and use the “Add Tag(s)” action to assign one of your tags to them.

Manager/Coach Approval Status System

To ensure all required information is collected from Team Members, EventConnect now offers Management Approval Statuses. Like a Player Approval Status, Team Managers and Coaches can now be set as “Pending Approval” by Default until they have completed the required actions for your event.

Using EventConnect’s “Management Report”, you can track survey submissions and payments and approve Managers and Coaches when they’re prepared for your event.

Management Approval can be enabled on a division-by-division basis by editing a division and toggling on “Require Management Approval.” Managers and Coaches will show their status on the Management Report and the Team Page.

Reservation Confirmation Email Updates

When a registration is created, the confirmation email sent to teams has been updated to highlight the team’s Approval Status, and a clear Payment Summary and to show multiple registrations to the same event cleanly.

Multiple Group Surveys

Group Surveys are prompted for Team Managers AFTER registration is complete and can be answered from the Team Dashboard.

Now, you can create multiple Group Surveys, allowing you to create dedicated surveys for waivers, team history, or any dedicated data collection groups you need. With separated surveys, you can see each survey as independently complete or incomplete.

Surveys are created from the “Custom Questions” page under Event Setup.



New Fields for Event Reporting

The Manage Events page, for Associations, has new fields added:

  • Staff Rooms field added
  • Request / Declined RFPs fields added
  • Region field added
  • Convenience Fee amount and Payment Gateway fields

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