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The Journey of EventConnect

It’s been a long ride. Almost ten years. Founded in 2013 to empower youth sports through technology, EventConnect is a company that pioneered connecting the event registration process with adaptive proprietary technology matched with unparalleled service and support to advance sports event organizers.

Technology has always been one of our biggest focuses. As a team passionate about youth sports, we understand that it’s not just about the software you use but the service too. Our platform offers everything you need to schedule games, manage scoring, and get the lowest online group rates and best accommodations. It’s truly an all-in-one platform.

Our tournament software removes travel tournament pain points with a feature-rich event platform that instantly connects to hotels with dedicated support from real people. You gain access to solutions and features for every role and need in the tournament process: registration, scheduling and scoring, merchandising, exclusive housing and accommodations, payment processing, and more!

You can read our latest monthly product updates to get a glimpse into our developers’ changes to the platform every month.

And, as an event owner, you don’t just need the tech to run your sports tournaments. You need the support to help you get onboarded, answer questions, and give you the confidence you need to operate your tournaments efficiently. On top of our proprietary technology, EventConnect gives you dedicated support and white-glove onboarding.

For instance, if a significant partner is onboarded, we will create the event shells for the events and set up everything they need to succeed. Transiting from another software is easy, and their business doesn’t experience interruptions

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