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Transforming Your Tournaments With A Digital Solution

Bringing your business from spreadsheets to a dedicated application is easier than it seems. Managing tournaments using manual methods have worked up until now, but by adopting a digital strategy you can propel your performance forward with full force.

Technology has changed the way we listen to music, monitor investments, shop for groceries, and plan camping trips. For organizations to remain competitive you need to evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of new generations of young athletes and their parents in a digital landscape. A more robust solution is needed in today’s reality of massive division sizes, record spectator attendance, and the high demand for participant satisfaction.

But how does this all work and what does it mean to you? A digital transformation is about giving you the power to create amazing experiences at your tournaments by strengthening the connection between you and your tournament participants. We’re going to outline a few of our partners’ favorite features that bring high efficiency and drive revenue to their brand.

Tournament housing management

The standard way of booking rooms for teams of players is chaotic. There were many factors that would be difficult to manage like distance from the venue, bus routes, parking, and cereal breakfast or hot buffet. Let’s not even discuss the stress of handling all those e-transfers. Ensuring your traveling teams are booked in your preferred hotels is a full-time job for any committed tournament director.

Alternatively, with EventConnect’s fully digital platform, your participants can view room types, interact with a dynamic map in relation to your venues, and hold a block of rooms in advance with ease. Our exclusive relationships with hotels allow us to offer our partners the lowest rates without sacrificing quality.

The benefit of having a digital booking system is in enhanced revenue, efficiency, and experience. Less time spent on managing hotels means more resources for your organization to grow. Plus, since all accommodations management is done digitally you have full transparency on which teams that you know need rooms actually have them booked, for how many nights, and where they’ll be staying. This will help you ensure all travelling teams are properly booked at approved hotels and allow you to maximize hotel revenue. This information drastically decreases the need to chase your teams or hotels for accurate information and frees up your time to focus on the detail of the tournament experience.

An example of our hotel portal in action. 

Data Clarity

If you can measure it, you can manage it.  When it comes to your tournaments, data is king. To be ahead of the curve you need to be well aware of what’s happening on the ground. How many teams booked rooms? When did they book those rooms? Did they block these rooms in advance? Where are these teams traveling from? These are all questions that require data to answer.

Our detailed reporting provides you the support you need to improve the workflow and experience of managing your event. Your EventConnect dashboard uses the power of data to identify behavioral trends allowing you to establish action plans based on concrete data. Organize your inventory with precision knowing that your information is accurate and accessible. Increase your business’ efficiency while bringing convenient ease of use to your team.

Team Messaging/Mobile App

When dealing with so many moving parts the communication between teams and your organization is critical. Sometimes emails just don’t cut it, having a last minute schedule change on game day can be a catastrophe without a versatile messaging application.

Our unique team messaging feature brings everyone together. We built it specifically to represent the needs of the rapidly advancing amateur sports tournament industry. Leverage your data and reports to notify your attendees through SMS, email or push notifications by creating custom lists based on behavior and performance.

Automated Messaging

The importance of meaningful messaging is imperative to building relationships with your teams and must not be seen as an afterthought. This is where we introduce the wonderful world of message automation.

We are passing on our broad and deep analysis of user trends to you as a way to power up your events with the information needed to send the right message, at the right time, to the right people. Benefit from above average engagement rates on EventConnect:

  1. Over 50% open rates
  2. Click through rates as high as 83%
  3. Reservations from email as high as 75%

These are only a few of the many ways we want to help accelerate your tournaments using a digital solution. By using technology in your workplace you not only increase efficiencies but also provide an amazing experience for your participants and attendees. Don’t wait until the race is over, reach out today for a free demo of EventConnect and see how our solution will work for you.

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