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Blocking Hotel Rooms Made Easy

Booking a hotel for an event can be almost more stressful than the competition itself. Will your teams need connecting rooms? Do they need breakfast included? Do your teams need to be on the same floor or even in the same hotel? These are all valid considerations when selecting which hotels to offer your teams that can help make your event amazing.

Our room blocking system is a convenient way for you to provide the right accommodations solution at the right time, maximizing the room nights sold in advance of your event starting. We want to help you ensure your teams get a premium choice of rooms at the lowest available price with no hassle. Choosing where to stay is all part of your teams amazing experience at your event.

As your teams are browsing on our hotel feed they’ll have the power to hold up to 100 rooms at a given property. The ease of holding a block of rooms at a hotel encourages a team manager to select where his team will stay without having to pay for all the rooms up front.  After the room block is created, all the team manager needs to do is share a link to the room block with the team and just like magic, they can reserve their rooms – never having to even pick up the phone.

In the dashboard you can easily view; the dates for blocked rooms, the team and its manager, the hotel and room details, and also the team size and total reservations on the block of rooms. This allows for complete transparency between you and your teams so you know exactly who’s ready to go and who still needs to be reminded to book their rooms.

If you want to have even more control of the experience, you have the ability to delegate room blocks to your teams so they are right where they’re supposed to be.

  • Guarantees rooms for when you need them
  • Makes for a hassle-free booking experience
  • Fast and easy to execute

Through leveraging our room blocking system you guarantee your teams the lowest hotel room rate available. You also have the power to manage room blocking privileges between teams, can instantly view all booking statuses, and ultimately maximize your event to its fullest revenue potential. By starting the process with a room block, our data shows that the total room nights sold increase and overall satisfaction is higher.

Now that your teams are happily booked and preparing for game day, you can move onto more pressing matters like how you’re going to find 25 referees within a month.

Need a platform and dedicated support to make hotel room blocking a breeze for your events? Try EventConnect today.

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