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A New Take On Our Registration Software

An important part of the tournament experience, registration is where an amazing tournament takes flight. It can either be a seamless flow where the user doesn’t need to even think about what they are doing or hinder and frustrate them, leaving them with a bad first impression of your tournament.

When we looked at how our registration platform was performing we saw a great opportunity to improve upon our initial design and create a smoother, more versatile system. We’re very excited to announce that in the coming weeks we will be releasing a completely new registration experience for our partners that greatly improves upon previous features within our software.

As tournaments continue to evolve, our registration platform needs to adapt to meet the demands of our users. So we’re completely redesigning our tournament registration system based on your feedback and the concerns you felt were hampering individual and team registrations. We feel strongly about a registration first approach for events. In order to align our values with the product, we continually look for ways to improve our entire flow.

Talking with our partners we understand you have specific needs to be addressed in order to make your business more efficient. The resounding feedback was for a more robust and diverse registration process that included multisport tournaments, detailed merchandise breakdown, intelligent information display, and the ability to support events with a more capable system.


We’ll admit it, our old registration flow had some issues 😬. Payments and their respective gateways were clunky, registering multiple participants was a challenge, and merchandise had a back seat during the whole process. As we began evaluating how to fix each issue individually we realized we had a chance to develop an entirely new flow that would provide you with an exceptional registration experience.

This meant building a registration first flow that would include: new and multiple sport types, an entirely revamped merchandise feature with a detailed cart breakdown, dynamic division display that shows you only what you need to see, and smoother integration with coupons and discounts.

Creating this has been a large undertaking for our development team but also an exciting one as it allowed us to take a step back and build something spectacular that greatly improved the overall experience for our users.


As with most of our development projects, constructing this new flow was made solely for one purpose – to improve our partner’s experience while increasing efficiencies across the board. Without a doubt, we’ve achieved that goal, if not exceeded it, by building a painless new tournament registration platform that puts clarity and performance in the hands of our partners. The registration first model is truly the highest performing tactic our partners can adopt, creating a more comprehensive system to handle that was an easy decision to make.

We also needed a way to showcase merchandise in a clean, appealing format that would easily integrate into the registration process. Merchandise will now have a large new home to showcase products and a checkout cart for transaction clarity. By making it more accessible for customers to shop there is more opportunity for revenue from merchandise sales.

Ultimately, these changes are being made to bring more clarity, more enjoyment, and more ease to the registration process for participants while also providing more functionality and growth opportunity for you.


The new tournament registration flow will be loaded full of improved features that will help your business increase revenue and efficiency for both you and your teams. We’re giving this area a full new user interface for a smoother experience that brings the more important information to the forefront.

We’re also including some little tweaks that you might not have known you even needed. Like a gated registration toggle to ensure the right participants are registering to your tournament, something we heard was needed from one of our partners. We’ll go over a few of our favorite new components and how you can use them to maximize your business flow.

Multisport Registration

You can now set up registration so participants are able to sign up for specific sport types within a multisport event. This will be perfect for Olympic style events or track & field tournaments where there are many divisions playing different games that are happening at the same time.

Custom Question Survey Integration

We made incorporating custom question surveys into the registration process even easier.  Custom questions component is seamlessly introduced to the registration journey making for an enhanced experience.

Adding custom questions to the registration process is a fantastic way to gather necessary information from players and teams well in advance of your event. We’ve {written about the importance of custom questions before} and how they can be used.

Improved Payment Gateways

No two businesses are the same, and neither are payment gateways. As we encountered more and more partners with unique payment gateway providers we knew it would be necessary to create a versatile framework to handle any and all forms of payment. Our new registration software now includes support for Payeezy,, Stripe, Bambora, and PayPal to name a few and will continue to grow as new gateways are added to our system.

Evolved Discounts

Integrating discounts and coupons to your registration process is a great way to entice participants to register early, block rooms before cutoffs, or register multiple players at once. We’ve remodeled the experience to be more inclusive and easier to integrate into registration and merchandise.


We gave this component a complete overhaul that included a fresh new product showcase, a more visual shopping journey, effortless discount application, and a virtual shopping cart that breaks down all items being purchased. These new changes result in a smoother overall experience for both customers and merchants.

Reservations Before Registration/Non-Player Booking

Booking accommodations before registration isn’t something new, but it is a feature we’ve upgraded since first introducing it. Users are been able to book rooms without being a part of a team or organization, we feel it’s important to allow this freedom within our app so friends & families of players can easily join in on the fun. We’ve upgraded the overall feel for this feature and made it much easier for non-players to find and secure accommodations.

Gated Registration

Gated registration was a feature we introduced in February of this year to much applause from our partners. This component allows event owners and team directors to provide teams with a passcode or I.D. number. We’ve revised gated registration to allow it to be applied to a more diverse set of applications; like multiple sport types, graduated tournaments, early bird registration, and cross divisions.

We’re very excited to be releasing this upgraded registration system in the coming months. By making these changes we feel your business will have even more opportunity to grow with a more versatile platform. These are some of the ways we’re making sure that our partners have the right tools for their job to increase efficiencies and stay competitive.

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